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To contribute and support the families of Lahaina Swim Club who have been affected by the devastating fires, kindly consider donating by filling out the form, which will directly take you to the Lahaina GoFundMe account. Your generosity can make a significant impact in helping these families rebuild their lives and regain a sense of stability. Visit our website's donation page and click on the donation button to securely make your contribution. Your support will directly assist in providing essential resources, comfort, and a path toward recovery for those who need it most. Thank you for joining hands with us in this critical endeavor.

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In the wake of the recent fire that swept through Lahaina on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday night, many families find themselves displaced, grappling with the aftermath of this unforeseen tragedy. Homes have been left in ruins, and lives have been upended. As the community rallies together to support those affected, your contribution can make a significant difference. Our website serves as a platform where compassionate individuals can extend a helping hand to these families in need. Your generous donation will aid in providing much-needed resources, shelter, and hope for a brighter future. Join us in fostering a sense of unity and compassion as we stand by the families of Lahaina during this challenging time.


Welcome to our website dedicated to supporting the Lahaina Swim Club and their families! In the wake of the devastating fire that swept through Lahaina, we extend our hand of solidarity from the Academy Swim Club on the Big Island. Recognizing the challenges faced by our fellow swimmers in Lahaina, we stand united in our mission to support the Lahaina Swim Club families.

At the Academy Swim Club, we understand the strength of the swimming community and the bonds that unite us.

Despite the physical distance that separates us, our shared passion for swimming and our commitment to the sport's values bind us together. Through this platform, we invite you to contribute to the revitalization of the Lahaina Swim Club.



A Chance to Give Back

We, the swimmers of Academy Swim Club, have united with our dedicated swim team to craft this website with a singular purpose — to extend a helping hand in the aftermath of the devastating fires that mercilessly swept through Lahaina.  Through this platform, we aim to raise crucial funds that will aid in the restoration of lives, homes, and the spirit of Lahaina. As athletes who understand the power of teamwork, resilience, and support, we stand together to contribute to the healing process and to demonstrate that even in the face of adversity, unity can spark a resurgence of hope and strength.



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